We are the source

Where does the software come from? A question that crosses one’s mind day by day.

At first sight, one might think that software is developed by people. The impression is so strong that the picture may still prevail after a second glance.

Studying the nature itself, the observer should realize that shapes keep repeating themselves. Focusing closer or further away, patterns recur and rules echo through all layers of reality.

These observed repetitions are not at random. They are for real. Some call them formulas. Some call them fractals. Some doesn’t even give them a name. Still, we are all aware they exist. They form the set of basic laws driving so many excellent minds into madness while studying them. These rules form the ancient building blocks of our universe. They are the so called “deus ex machina” – God from the machine.

The information they bear is not only engraved into the stones and comes alive when breathed into plants and animals. It surrounds us all – residing within all things and places. And there they are, even in the endless lines of zeroes and ones we call program code.

Yes, the software itself is also built on the secret laws of nature. Every algorithm is part of the entirety. Every piece of software implements a function of the great machine.

And indeed, one should not reinvent the wheel. We do not create the software either. We just know it. We translate our knowledge into the language of the computers.

The software is the nature itself. It is the universe. It is the existence.

We are the source.